Win the chance at one of these three prints by signing up for my email newsletter, ELF (E. Lynette Fransen) News or by signing up to follow me on Twitter or by making a comment after visiting my website. Those already signed up will also be placed in my drawing which will be held the middle of March. Sign up here:


I'd love to be able to call you by name, but if you prefer not to enter it, just skip that field!

Thank you. Lynette 



Paws for Me cubbyhole
 Petunias & Butterfly  Paws for Me  Cubbyhole








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2 thoughts on “Sign up to win!!”

  1. Lynette, you do such wonderful work. I remember riding the bus with you, your brother and sister. I was a brat and hope you can forgive me for that. I was wondering what your mother died of? I did not understand the crushing power of a family death then, but wonder about it now. I know your faith sustains you today, and I guess I wonder about how that came about too. Cold here in Alaska today. Blessings,

    Chuck Bohling

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