Crossing the Bridge

One day, as I was sitting in my Bible Study, it came to me to do a painting centered on the cross. I envisioned sinful man on one side with Jesus as the bridge that binds God and man. While that, in and of itself, is not a new concept; the fact that my doorbell rang two days later is significant. The pastor from First Baptist Church called on me to ask if I would participate in an exhibition with a group of Christian artists. He asked that the focus of our paintings be—the cross! I smiled as I reflected on how God, once again, revealed himself in my life. I have crossed that bridge and committed my life to Christ. I pray through my life and through my art career that I have been an example of His love.

Note Card Message: Blank

Medium: Pastel

Limited Edition of 450 ( image size 12 W X 18 H) $75.00

45 Artist Proof( image size 12 W X 18 H) $75.00

Note Card $2.50

Box of 6 $11.95

Matted & Framed  8″ W x 10″ H