Matthew 25:40

It was an honor and a privilege for me when I was asked to do an original painting for the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission. I knew from that moment what the focus of my painting would be. I was inspired by an incident my son, Brian, had related to me several months earlier. He had been asked by a co-worker for some change. Brian had no money as he had given the last of it to a homeless person on his way to work. Brian shared with his co-worker about our talks growing up of helping a fellow brother or sister in need-as if it were Jesus-as the Bible instructs in Matthew 25:40. I felt especially proud that my son would have the courage to impart this message to a co-worker. Although my son has inspired this painting, it is my Father who lead me through it. May all the praise and glory be for Him.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this print and/or cards, goes to the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission. This painting depicts Casper, Wyoming in the background on the left, and any city in the world on the right. Our homeless and needy are everywhere around us. The trees became His crown of thorns as the snow and sidewalk transformed into His gown and sash. We may all be reminded that He is watching over us all constantly.

Note Card Message: Blank

Medium: Pastel

Limited Edition of 1000 (Image size 20 W X 25 H) $75.00

Note Card $2.50

Box of 6 $11.95

Matted & Framed 8 W X 10 H $65.00